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PIK Oplenac

In the heart of Sumadija, under a rocky hill Oplenac and with sun bathed hills, is placed the town Topola, the cradle of Serbian independence, the capital of Serbian royal family, the pioneers of Sumadia’s viticulture... the town where the wine is worthy of the royal tables in Europe and the town which was named the capital of Serbian wine. In this town, where natural and cultural resources, clean air and the most aromatic wine live in harmony is placed the winery PIK Oplenac.

"Our wine is a source of life, the sun radiates from it, it is strenght, health and unrest, that which means life."

prof. Jović

"The rays of sun trapped in each grape, sparcle the most miraculously in a wine glass, lightening the path to soul harmony."

prof. Jović

"Why deprive yourself of wine and the magic it provides when a man's life without wine is just a withered rose."

prof. Jović



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